How to maintain hydraulic lift platform
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1  The platform should be maintained and repaired by specialized personnel.

2  Non-professional electrical personnel are not allowed to disassembly or assembly the electric appliance and adjust the components in the hydraulic system.

3  When it is necessary to enter the internal maintenance of the platform, it is necessary to lift or support the platform surface to prevent the sudden drop of the table surface and accidents.

4  Change the platform structure, control system and hydraulic system at will, causing unnecessary damage to people, machines and objects.

5  Disassembly of any part of the hydraulic system shall be carried out after pressure relief (to lift or lower the platform to a minimum height).

6  If the platform is not used for a long time, test the machine at least once or twice every month (up or down).

7  Must thoroughly check year-end maintenance and do anti-rust treatment.