Hydraulic lifting platform will encounter problems during use
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Since maintenance and repair are not in place, it is normal to have some faults during the use of the hydraulic lifting platform.

First, the hydraulic lifting platform has abnormal sound

  The hydraulic lifting platform has abnormal noise, which is the most normal phenomenon, especially the equipment that uses the lifting platform for a long time. The reasons for the abnormal noise are as follows:

  1. Overload: Due to overload, the hydraulic lifting platform itself has overload bearing capacity.

  2. The motor fixing screw is loose: the motor fan has its own sound when it is turned. If the screw of the fixed motor is loose, and the vibration of the motor is added, the motor collides with other parts, so it sounds;

  3, the pin joints are dry, lack of lubricating oil, hard friction between iron and iron parts, both damaged parts and abnormal noise, pay attention to timely maintenance, diligent lubrication;

Second, the hydraulic lifting platform does not rise

   1. There is air in the hydraulic oil, the vent hole can be opened, and after the gas is discharged, it can be tightened;

   2, hydraulic oil solidification: replace the hydraulic oil;

   3, oil leakage: check whether the oil pipe interface is leaking oil, if oil leakage, replace it in time;

   4, motor reverse: check the wiring is wrong; (can contact the manufacturer or professional for inspection)

   5, the motor does not turn: the motor has problems, contact the manufacturer to deal with.